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Save your home! Loan Modification & Foreclosure Assistance

You’re trying to save your home and the bank just doesn’t care. It’s you against the bank and their army of legal professionals. Why would you want to go into the battle for your house all alone?

Due to the ongoing foreclosure crisis, the current administration has recently launched new programs to provide relief for homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage. Have you been considering the following:

• Are you behind on your mortgage?
• Is your home in foreclosure?
• Are you current on your mortgage, but struggling?
• Are you aware that you may be able to have your loan modified even if you are current on your mortgage payments?
• Is your mortgage balance greater than the current value of your home?
• Have you previously been turned down for a loan modification?

President Obama’s “2009 Homeowner Affordability And Stability Plan” may stop impending foreclosure, reduce your interest rate to as low as 2% and place your past due balance at the end of your loan. This program may greatly reduce your mortgage payment.

If You Are in Foreclosure a Loan Modification May Stop That Process.

With a loan modification, you keep your existing mortgage and retain the same mortgage company (or bank) and account number. What changes is your interest rate which reduces your monthly payment.

You can still apply for a loan modification whether you are current or delinquent on your mortgage. A loan modification is usually not credit score driven, and you may be eligible for a modification even if you have previously been turned down.

“The Home Affordable Modification Program provides eligible homeowners the opportunity to modify their mortgages to make them more affordable. Over one million homeowners have already gotten help under the program. (Source: US Government website They have also expanded the eligibility criteria for MHA to be able to offer assistance to more struggling homeowners.

Amongst various areas of civil practice I am committed to helping my clients achieve the best possible result for their unique situation. If you would like more information on how you may achieve lower mortgage payments, defer past due balances and possibly save your home from foreclosure, please feel free to call my office to discuss your specific concerns

What our clients are saying...

  • Mr. Goldstein took my case when I was getting ready to be foreclosed on my home. He fought all the way and got my mortgage reduced almost by half and with a 2% fixed rate for the entire life of the loan. In the process Mr. Goldstein and I became friends and his staff is excellent .
    Cesar Bonilla
  • Adam took my first phone call on a Saturday morning at 8am. I had my first meeting with him the following Monday at 8am. My paperwork was filed with the court that Friday by 2p.m. Adam wrote the best motion I have ever read.

    I have dealt with two other attorneys who were very dishonest . Adam has been extremely honest , he is aggressive, extremely knowledgeable, and compassionate.
  • Mr. Goldstein and his staff were responsive and compassionate in dealing with my difficult situation. Because of him and his vigilant staff my issues were resolved very quickly enabling me to get on with my life.